Death Gate

Back in Riatavin

06/13-14/1499 DR



FOOD = Kannarrs, DRINKS = Travis

After Leaving Shaika’s unconscious body at the Lodge of Coins for treatment, the Death Gate group returned to Yoxinn’s burden for food and much needed rest. Gromel went up to his room for an oil bath and found the letter from his goddess. Tha’Ahel left the rest of the mercenary group in the common room eating, promising to send Kuri in the morning. After a good meal and some flirtation from Nerisstina Graveltoes, the group went to bed.

The next morning, Zed’rath was the first one up and headed downstairs for some food. Nerisstina met him on the stairs and told him that there was a …“being” waiting for them in the common room. As he stepped off the stairs he saw a strange crystaline creature sitting at one of the tables. The rogue approached the being and asked if it was Kuri? The Shardmind gave him a strange look and said that she was Kuri, also a part of the Special Order of Erathis. Zed had seen a lot of things in his life, but this was something totally new! Right from the start, the two of them didn’t get along and there was a lot of tension in the air when the others came down for breakfast. Without waiting for her own food, Vistra could tell that the Drow was just picking at his plate, so she helped him finish it. Grom suggested that while the “fleshbags” were eating, he could take Kuri over to see their unconscious friend. Vistra quickly wolfed down more and food, chugged her ale, and offered to go with them, while Zed offered to stay and try to keep Petril out of trouble.

Vistra wolfs down her food and Zed’s

The three of them headed back to the Lodge of Coins, but along they way they all noticed that the Shadow Thieves were closely watching the group. With her telepathic powers, Kuri could tell that the Thieves harbored open resentment towards the Death Gate, so she warned her companions. At the Temple of Waukeen, Grom was rather short with Therora Trickfoot, but nonetheless the priestess led them to see their still unconscious friend. Kuri skimed Shaika’s psyche and was surprised to sense the Shifter, but 3 other consciences as well; One was of an elemental nature (obviously whatever gave the shifter her fire powers), one was purely arcane, almost like an artificial construct (which she guessed was the presence of the books power), and the final presence was just a bundle of pure melevolence and anger (that of another unknown being). This evil conscience suddenly recognized her presence and forced her out of Shaika’s mind. When the Psion had caught her breath, she explained to the others that Shaika and the elemental presence within her were together fighting the other beings in her mind. She tried to ask the other two questions about Shaika’s past, but the Warforged and the Fighter admitted that none of group knew much about each other except for the Drow. The group took Kuri with them and returned to the inn to find Zed’ trying to discover how long Petril had been part of the Secret Order, but the Gnome’s babbling had left his eyes glazed.

The group decided that they should get some supplies before heading out to find the Hermit, the only one who could heal Shaika. As they were leaving, the rogue suddenly remembered that they had never collected the second half of their reward from Adokus Chandler which they could use on supplies, so the group left Petril guarding Shaika and headed over to the Rooks Treasure to collect. They were shown into the back room and found Master Chandler behind his usual desk. He faked that he was happy to see them, but Kuri could tell that he bore everyone ill will. He asked the group questions about their “friend” Tha’Ahel, but they didn’t know much, so he threatened to send guards to hunt him down. The whole group acted uninterested knowing that the Avenger knew his way around the town. Master Chandler then called in a messenger to get their payment. While they were making idle chitchat, they heard the jangle of weapons and armor and knew that they’d been betrayed. He accused the Mercenaries of endangering the safety of the city and told the guards to arrest them, or to kill them if they resisted. As the Insane Noble turned to leave the room, Zed’ was hot on his heels. Whereas Master Chandler had seemed like a rather simple man, he was able to deftly avoid all of the rogue’s attacks, even outdistancing the fleet-footed Drow. As he disappeared down a side hallway, he told the Rogue to stay alive because “he had long range plans for their group.” Zed returned to help his companions who were dancing with the skilled knife fighters. Vistra pimp slapped the last one, asking him “where our money was” but he was too dead to answer. There were no clues or anything left in the nondescript room and the rear hallway led to a side way out of the tavern.

_ The knife fighters kept trying to attack Vistra, but their dancing attacks were ineffective._

While the group was searching the tavern for clues, Petril ran in huffing and puffing, annoyed that he’d been left behind. Grom was concerned as to who was protecting Shaika, but the Cleric reassued him that Mistress Graveltoes was hiding her in a “safe room.” Petril then told them that the whole town was in chaos, looking for Tha’Ahel. Kuri suggested that he was probably hiding out at the safehouse, so we should try to make our way there (too bad we were in the southwest corner of town and the safehouse was in the northeast corner). Zed scrounged around the taven and put together disguises for the group so they could move freely around the town. Working together, they tried to remain as unobtrusive as they could, but they were just too strange a party to remain unnoticed by the Shadow Thieves. As the group neared hideout, Kuri realized that they were being followed on the rooftops. Before she could warn them, Petril raced forward towards the hideout, giving it away to the enemy, who dropped down in front of him, blocking the way, throwing alchemical bombs into the building. Before the bombs had even left their hands, Kuri shouted a psychic warning to Tha’Ahel, then the nine hells broke loose…



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