Death Gate

Hunting the Bandits

06/11/1499 DR



FOOD = Kannarrs, DRINKS = Travis

In Riatavin, Zed’rath Vrasl quickly left the Temple of Sune, fleeing the flirting priest to see what information he could dig up on the street. As he heads past a blind alley he overhears Shadow Thieves talking about their patrols, how there was “something else on the roofs, killing vampires and had only killed a thief when he got too close….”

Shaika Flamerune went to Ghalmrinnar, the Council’s town hall, with Vistra in tow. Gromel and Petril Silvershaper headed to the bookstore so that the Warlord could keep him busy.

Shaika meets Yenhand Smilebeard, a dwarven courier in Ghalmrinnar. The Wizard asks him about the history of the vampires in the area. He is reticent to share info, but when they mention Adokus Chandler he refers them to Fruven Gladstone a halfling clerk, while the dwarf continues to hit on what he refers to as the “Ale Master’s Quarterly Centerfold” (Vistra).

They quickly scramble from another uncomfortable situation and meet up with an ink-stained halfling, deeper in the library, who helps them dig up info. In the recent months the raids have increased significantly, spilling over from Erlkazar since they don’t attack their own people. The records don’t have much of interest about the Vampires, but Shaika finds info about Orgoth’s Tower. Orgoth was into necromancy, lost control of some fiends and they tore him apart. Perfect vacation spot! After their research, Shaika offers to let the librarian copy her “Principles in transmutation” book from the wizard who made her the way she is, which he agrees to wholeheartedly, and then they head back to the inn.

The old man helps Grom and Petril look up books on combat and history. Instead of waiting for the old bookseller, Grom just starts looking for what he knows he needs, pulling them off the shelf. Once he’s found plenty of books to read, he heads back to the inn to play chess with the farmers, while he has Petril begin his studies.

Not hearing anything else, Zed heads over to the Temple of Waukeen, Lodge of Coins, run by a female halfling Therora Trickfoot. Along the way, he comes to the conclusion that most of the Shadow Thieves are human, but most of the other citizens are of other races. The priestess knows most of the same things as the others, but one night a patrol was ambushed by vampires, but one survived and was brought to the temple for healing and he was muttering about “darkness incarnate” (Which leads the vampires). She admits that she’s felt necrotic happenings, but she can’t tell him much more, so he heads back to the inn to find the rest of the group.

At late afternoon the group meets up and heads to bed early so that they can get up around midnight to leave town. As they’re getting up, off in the distance they hear a scream off to the West, but decide that it’s too far away for them to get there in time to hope to save the victim. They set off walking and around sunrise the grasslands turn into deciduous trees, the ground starts to slope up into the foothills. As Vistra and Zed glance back over their shoulders they notice a haze/mist. The Drow knows that this can’t be natural so he asks Shaika to check for Arcana. She knows that the phenomenon is arcane, but doesn’t think that it’s dangerous, even though the Rogue is on his guard. The foothills turn into a swamp, which surrounds the road on either side, becoming more putrid, humid, and oppressive.

As they come around a corner, we come upon a decrepit manor, looming in the distance, sitting in the middle of putrid lake. There’s not much of a “tower”, but there is a central turret rising 4 stories. The manor is in a state of ruin and the 2nd story is collapsed, adding to the overall foreboding. The only way to approach the manor is on a stone walkway, the water is too deep and hard to see into. They make it across the walkway without trouble to find the doors intact, but the windows have no panes. From inside, they hear voices complaining about being stuck on this rock while the “elite’s” are away. Zed sneaks around closer and peers silently in the windows and sees guards behind the doors. With hand signals they set up a plan of attack and go at it. Zed drops a sphere of darkness outside the door, then shifts to the window and quickly kills two guards with one shot. Vistra bursts into the room killing another lackey, Shaika blasts the last one with magic. Unfortunately, they make enough noise to draw the attention of others, but they’re able to take the down as well. One of them tries to run, but Death Whisper finishes him.

Moving deeper into the manor everything is in ruins and the wind whistles through the open windows, furniture and tapestries are crumbling everywhere. They search the first room on the SW and find nothing but bedding, then Shaika tricks the rogue into believing that his shoelaces are untied and he notices nothing around him. Across the hallway is a cold kitchen with nothing in it. As we all return to the hall, the women feel a strange breeze where one shouldn’t be… and Shaika senses magic in the middle of the lake. Zed knows that the breeze where breezes aren’t meant to be is a sure sign of a secret passage, but for the life of him he can’t find it. So they move to the North East room, into the empty room. They find a set of collapsed stairs leading up to the 2nd floor, but nothing else.

The central north area leads into a courtyard with a very deep well, with an unsettling smell coming from it. With a makeshift torch dropped into the well, they try to gauge the distance. It falls a long way before hitting the bottom.



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