Death Gate

Into Orgoth's Tower

06/12/1499 DR


Obsidian Steed All Room of Interrement Found in 4 Sarcophagi

FOOD = Gees, DRINKS = Kannarrs

In Orgoth’s Tower, Zed’rath kept searching to understand the weird breeze, it seemed that it was blowing in a South Easterly direction. They all set to searching the room. Shaika still sensed the magic from the putrid lake, while Vistra tapped on the walls. Gromel guarded our backs as Zed started searching the SE walls… and suddenly comes upon a secret stone which opens up a passageway in the wall, which leads down in the underground. A very strong feeling of “wrongness” wafts up from below. Since they haven’t finished searching the rest of the manor yet, they all agreed to close off the passageway for now and go to search the tower in the North.

In the North hallway they found an unsuspecting guard and dropped him silently in the hall and then entered the tower. As they traveled, Zed got the feeling that the oppressive nature of the place will affect people the longer they stay here. In the tower, it looked like the stairs to the 3rd floor had collapsed onto the 2nd floor. The Rogue heard sounds from up above, so he silently climbed the rubble to the next floor while Grom talked Petril into showing him the sketches he was doing when they were first entering the manor, in the hopes of improving Zed’s chances at stealth. Zed practcally flew up the stairs…

On the 2nd floor, Zed dropped the random guard with a quick shot from Death Whisper, then searched the floor while the rest searched down below. The rest of the Death Gate then joined him. The Drow decided to set up the climbing gear so they could search out the 3rd and maybe the 4th floor while everyone else searched out the rest of the 2nd floor.

Grom quickly opened the door out of the tower and suddenly a guard hollered, “we’ve got intruders!” As Zed is scaling the wall, he heard it and started cursing because the rest of the group had forgotten how to be stealthy without him… and Petril was so excited to be in battle that he actually screamed his agreement to fight, practically vibrating. The rogue hoped that their noise would cover the noise of his ascension, wondering if they didn’t deserve it (the atmosphere of the tower was beginning to affect him). The rest of the group froze up the bandits and quickly blew them away. One of the other bandits tried to hit Vistra with a thrown axe, but it bounces off her “calves of steel.”

Finally Zed made his way to the 3rd floor and found a rusted door. Even with all of the rust, he’s able to proceed silently. At the end of a small hallway, he came upon a very new, ornate door with a very complex lock, well outside his skill level. As the rogue studied the lock, he realized that the lock was set on a timer… and he came to the conclusion that it probably coincided with dusk just from what he knew about Vampires. He found nothing up on the rooftop of the tower and quickly made his way back down to join his companions. His time alone had left him jumpier than usual.

“Team Alpha” checks out the balcony on the 2nd floor and found nothing. On the East side, they found doors that have newer handles. The room the bandits came from is a dormitory, made even creepier by the red paned windows which cast the room into a blood red glow.

Soon the group is reunited and as Zed is telling them about the lock that he found upstairs, he realized that the door behind them has a matching lock. Grom tried to force the door open with his spear and even by battering it down with his shoulder, but the door resisted his attempts. Grom asked Shaika to try to burn it, but it resisted her magic. He then asked Vistra to check the masonry, but it’s perfectly fitted. Grom suggests that we see if there are windows on the Eastern side of the complex to see into the rooms. The group can’t easily reach the tiny windows, but Shaika’s fire lizard Familiar can. He crept along the side of the tower and looked into the 2nd and 3rd floor room windows and saw rooms full of many coffins. On the 4th floor, there is a small room with a single, ornate coffin in it. It would make sense that this is where they base their raids from, but the vampires don’t seem to go into the rest of the manor so the group feels safe… for now. They wonder about destroying the Vampires, but Vistra reminds them that Vampires are light sleepers. It seems that Adokus Chandler knew precisely what he was doing by sending them here, hoping that both of his “common enemies” would destroy each other.

As they head back down to the secret passageway, they realized that the dead body in the tower was gone, with no signs of it being drug away. The same is true for all of the bandits that they’d killed. There is blood on the floor, but nothing else, very odd! The secret passageway was steep but tbey can tell that it’s taking them down and out towards the lake where Shaika was sensing the magic. The walls are damp and in the distance they can hear the sounds of dripping water, which made the catgirl rather uneasy. It’s very dark in the passage, so the Warlord pulls out his Radiant Sword and lights up the way around them.

To the side they find a small room of interred bodies. To fulfill the Raven Queens commands, the Warforged and the Dwarf smashed the skeletons. Together they all pushed the lid off the sarcophagus, but found his valuables had been rusted. Grom smashed this skeleton as well and then they proceeded further underground (under-lake).

The hall opened up into a huge room with four sarcophagi in the center of the room. Zed could sense a presence in the room, but not sure where exactly, so he warned the group behind him. The rogue somersaulted into the room behind a sarcophagus, and realized that the entity that he was sensing was in the north side of the room, and he heard a strange voice saying, “we should not have come.” As Vistra joined the rogue, they could see better into the murk around them, and they noticed dead bodies, much like an adventuring party. Among the bodies shambled strange undead creatures, Pale Reavers, muttering how “foolish they were to come here, how foolish, and how hungry they are.” They continued to get closer as the rest of the group entered the room. The Death Gate members were slammed hard by all of the status effects that they were hit with, leaving them immobilized, weakened, and even the rogue is dominated. While the rest rip away parts of their essence of life force, the Pale Reaver Lord, who is in the Drow’s head, suddenly transforms into the appearance of his dead love Violet. She blames him for not saving her and then floats away, asking Zed to “come play with her.” That only seemed to piss off the rogue and helped him break free of the domination to attack it. Nonetheless, the undead all seem to attack the wizard, focusing all their attacks on her. With Grom’s final blow, the Pale Reaver Lord faded, stating that they were “finally free….” As the group took a collective breath, a raven’s feather falls from the ceiling, onto Shaika, returning her many lost healing surges. The wizard sensed magic from the sarcophagi. Inside of them, they found Obsidian steeds for each of them, obviously more useful for the living.

Zed’Rath’s Journal 1

We found stairs in the back of the room leading further down. The next room was octagonal, with a huge summoning circle in the center. The great wrongness that we’ve been sensing seems to be coming from the stones in the floor of the room. As Zed led the way into the room, many Tomb Motes rose up from piles around the room to cause trouble. One of the Motes went over to the dead dog chained up against the wall and raised it as a Death Dog, which then joined the attack. As the undead that they kill rise again, Zed suddenly recognizes that the circle represents Defiled Ground which will allow any undead not killed by Radiant Damage to rise again. Shaika and Zed are not happy because they had no radiant attacks, so they switched to using Holy Water. Finally, the annoying monsters fell, rising no more. This dungeon was taking its toll on the group!

The door to the south led to a black hall. From that direction, Zed and Petril hear creapy kid voices singing and laughing.

We all played so late that we were falling asleep at the table and yet we didn’t want to stop!



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