Death Gate

Orgoth's Tower 2

06/12/1499 DR



FOOD = Travis, DRINKS = Gees

Deep underground, beneath Orgoth’s Tower, they continued to move further underground, moving deeper under the lake. The pathway continued to slope further down as well. The Death Gate came upon a child’s sarcophagus, but it was empty and in the next room down the hallway the rogue could clearly hear creepy children’s voices singing. Zed’rath peeked into the room and found 4 child skeletons (about 7-8 years old in life before they died) happily/eerily playing jacks. Without even looking up, they invited the adventurers to come play with them and bounced a rubber ball towards the Drow. Vistra recognized them as Bonewretch Skeletons, ankle-biters. Gromel couldn’t stand to see these undead abominations and moved in to attack before Zed could try to talk to them. As the first one was bloodied it screamed in realistic, child-like pain, causing Shaika’s heart to break, ears drooping more each time we damaged the undead children. The ground around us was unholy, but the Bonewretches did not rise again as we sent them to their rest with the Raven Queen. During the battle, Vistra stated that this was exactly why she felt that people shouldn’t procreate… which confused Grom because Warforged are usually created by a group of wizards and a magic circle. One of the ankle-biters tried to chew on Vistra’s calves, but she just flexed and it couldn’t bite down.

Once the children were dead, the group continued on and the hall ended in a broom closet. Zed searched all over, but couldn’t find anything. Shaika, on the other hand, sensed magic coming through the back wall. Grom commanded us to keep searching, so the dwarf studied the stonework and quickly recognized the switch which caused the stones to fold back.

Through the portal, the group found themselves in Orgoth’s laboratory. It was dark and full of dust. There were bookshelves surrounding the room and lab tables spread all over. On three of the walls were stretched 3 fiend skins. Something tugged at Shaika’s memory and she remembered that Orgoth was supposed to have been summoning 3 fiends, but they supposedly killed him…. So something more powerful than the fiends had killed them. On a stand at the back of the room rested the fabled Tome of Alcaister. In the far corners stood grime covered glass cylinders. The SW one seemed to have been the center of a blast radius, which had damaged that side of the room, leaving the floor covered in necrotic spots of ground, which unlike the defiled ground, halved all healing. From the cylinder in that corner seemed a darkness so black that it was purple. The group spread out around the room, searching.

Suddenly, in their minds they all heard, “So, have new flies come to play in the spider’s web?Petril recognized that the voice was coming from the SW corner. In his mind Zed asked who the voice belonged to, it answered that it was Orgoth. Shaika wondered how since his body had been torn apart? Grom raised his glowing great sword, and they could see a brain floating in some liquid in the glass cylinder, with a dark miasma swirling around it. With a wet slapping sound, the 3 skins flopped off the walls and then stood up to attack (Forsaken Shells). While they fought with the walking skins, swarms of Crawling Claws come out of the bookshelves to attack the group as well. They were swarmed by the claws and and slapped by the Forsaken Shells. One of them wrapped around Grom and he got his first set of skin.

While fighting, Zed did his best to distract Orgoth by asking him how he survived. The brain explained that “the fiends had kept my brain alive to torture me, but they’d grown prideful and I’d finally been able to defeat them and hung their skins on the walls as trophies.” It didn’t do much to distract it, unfortunately. The Forsaken Shells worked to dominate party members and used them to attack each other (not to mention patting the Warlord continually on the butt). Once Zed was finally free of the immobilizing claws, he turned his Death Whisper on the Brain. He did massive damage to the glass jar surrounding him, blinding it and dropping its defenses for the others to damage better. Orgoth kept pushing Grom back as he charged it, or dominating everyone, finally the attacks broke through the glass and as the air hit the brain, it shriveled up screaming, “NOO

As they searched the room, the Wizard rushed to the book to check it out. It was the magical tome that she thought it was. The rest of them searched the room, but couldn’t find much other than arcane books on necromancy and alchemical materials so that Shaika could make them more alchemical stuff for later. Behind the other cylinder was found a box full of gold. As they were wandering around, Vistra told them that it was after sunset, so they assumed that the Vampires must be out hunting by now. It was decided that Shaika should use the alchemical items that they’d found to make alchemical fires and acids, which the rogue would then use with all of the holy water that they’d bought, to be turned into traps for the 20 coffins upstairs. They spent the next 2.5 hours creating traps and alchemical items to trap the coffins with. Once that was finished, they trudged back up through the tunnels and back to Orgoth’s Tower. On the 2nd and 3rd floors they trapped the coffins, doubling up the items on all of them. As they crept up to the top floor, Zed took point to scout ahead. The room on the top floor was covered in a thick mist, which the Dwarf recognized, but before she could say anything, the mist coalesced into the form of a vampire lord. Upon closer inspection, Zed was horrified to recognize his older brother Kelnozz, whose life he had spared years ago. The drow reached up and fingered the 3 scarred notches in his right ear. "_Ah, little brother it has been too long_, the voice of his older brother bought back so many memories as the rest of the group looked from their comrade to the undead Drow.



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