Death Gate

Racing Through Riatavin

06/14/1499 DR



FOOD = Gees, DRINKS = Kannarrs

In Riatavin, the Death Gate group was making their way to the safe house of the Special Order of Erathis to try and save Tha’Ahel, when they were ambushed by the Shadow Thieves. As they were fighting the knife and javelin dancers, they could hear a conflict inside the safe house, which began to die out before the gas had dissipated and before they had beaten their attackers.

Vistra is able to slam home with her craghammer every time, but she can’t punch them worth spit, thus her stance is a failure

As the smoke began to fade a little, Kuri ran towards the safe house, hoping that the stun gas couldn’t affect one who couldn’t breathe. She was able to make it into the smoke-filled building and found the windows smashed in and doors knocked off hinges, though there was no sign of bloodshed. Kuri psionically told Vistra that she was going to check upstairs. There was a creaking noise upstairs, but it was oddly repeating in the same spot, though she couldn’t sense her friend upstairs.

Kuri had no idea what the repeated sound upstairs was, so she imagined Tha’Ahel upstairs skipping rope.

As she topped the stairs, she found a dead knife fighter twitching with Tha-Ahel’s pickaxe in his back (something he’d never leave behind). It seemed like the gas had overwhelmed him before he could finish the job. The knife fighter was wearing a strange device over his nose and mouth (a gas mask?). The Psion sent a psychic message to Gromel that the Avenger had been taken. When the warforge shared this info with the group Petril broke down sobbing in the street, stating that this was all his fault. Zed’rath didn’t disagree with him as he raced into the house to see if he could help track the Shadow Thieves. He followed the trail out back of the house, but then lost their trail on the cobblestones. The Rogue asked the Shardmind, since she had lived in this town for a while, if she knew rumors of the rogue’s hideouts? She ripped off the shirt and showed them the tattoo that all Shadow Thieves bore of a dark diamond shape with a dagger shape cleared out in the middle. Kuri wanted to find a Shadow Thief so that she could get info from his mind so they sent out the “scout” to find one.

Zed climbed up onto the roof and began looking for a target. He found one hidden behind a chimney and snuck up behind him and carefully knocked him out. While he was laying him down, he noticed a Shadow Thief posting an official notice in the Market Square. The Drow decided to return the unconscious man to the safe house first. He made his way back across the rooftops, missing his last jump and just barely catching himself on the windowsill. The Warforged helped pull them inside. They laid the unconscious thief on the floor while Zed went to rest in the corner.

The Psion knelt above him and sought to enter his mind. While in his mind Kuri saw a flash from his perspective as he watched the Shadow Thieves shadowing the Death Gate group to the Safe House. She continued digging to try and find out where Tha’Ahel was being held, but he didn’t know. She did find a memory from the tavern where a scout reported that Death Gate and Tha’Ahel had returned to town. After hearing this, Adokus Chandler planned to post Execution Notices for Tha’Ahel so that he could take out an important rival, something he had been planning for a while, it seemed. As she left his mind, she realized that Adokus had used his hatred of Death Gate to help him with his long-term goals. Zed suggested that they needed information and Petril wanted to do something to remedy the situation, so he said that he’d go get some information. Before the isanity had begun this day, they’d wanted to resupply, so while waiting for the gnome, they decided to do just that.

On the way to the General Store, the Shadow Thieves were still watching, but Zed could tell that they no longer bore them ill will; their true goals were met. The store they went to was Wilhelm run by Udoian Homeforger. He was excited and asked if they had heard that the killer around town had finally been caught and was being held at the Council Chambers? The Drow mentioned that he couldn’t have been the killer around town since they had killed the lead Vampire, Kelnozz Vrasl and had his head and arms. Zed asked the dwarf who was the most trustworthy of the counselors so that they might spare an innocent man? He decided that the least bureaucratic bureaucrat was Draga Underfoe; she was the most able to sniff out horse dung. She could be found at Ghalmrinnar. After shopping at Wilhelm, they also went to pick up Alchemical items at Horvan Serpenthelm’s (Half-Elf) after having used so many of their previous stock on traps for the vampires. On their way around town they finally got a chance to fully read the Execution Notice and found that Tha’Ahel was set to be beheaded the next morning at dawn. They didn’t have a lot of time!



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