Death Gate

To Save Tha'Ahel

6/14-15/1499 DR


Headband of Intellect KUri Draga Underfoe Counselor gave it to her
Boots of Stealth Zed’Rath Ghalmrinnar Storage room
Horned Helm Vistra Ghalmrinnar Storage room

FOOD = Travis, DRINKS = Gee

It was early afternoon as the group felt the pressure of needing to save Tha’Ahel. Since the Shadow Thieves were no longer being aggressive towards them, they threw caution to the wind and hurried to Ghalmrinnar, the town hall in the hopes of stopping this stupid execution. Since Vistra had been there before, she led the way. Once inside, they stopped a self-absorbed official and learned that Draga Underfoe’s office was upstairs and 3rd door on the left. Inside a receptionist told the group that Draga was too busy to be seen…. and then Zed’rath noticed that the receptionist was writing a note upside down so that the Drow could read it: “Return to the inn and Draga will be there to visit you shortly.” Gromel was just leaning forward to try and intimidate the receptionist, when Zed began pushing him towards the door. The rest of the group followed, but they were equally confused. As soon as the protesting group is in the hallway, he motioned to his head, hoping that Kuri would catch on. She opened her mind to him and once she understood, she passed the message on to the others.

They returned to the inn where Zed and Vistra grabbed some food and drink while Grom went to sharpen his spear and Kuri went to check on Shaika. She found that Shaika was slowly losing the battle against the other two forces. She was just rejoining the “flesh-bags” when Nerisstina Graveltoes announced that they had a guest waiting in the “special room” where they could talk freely. The three of them nonchalantly made their way to this back room and found Draga, a rather attractive female dwarf, waiting for them. The psionicist called to the Warforged and Draga primped at her reflection in her armor as he joined the group. She started by informing the group that Tha’Ahel was being kept in the dungeons of the Town Hall. She suggested that the best time to rescue him would be after 10 bells. The Dwarven Council-woman suggested that they could either go through the sewers, which is nasty, or at street level, but then they’d have to deal with the Shadow Thieves. She warned them that the Old Town Watch was innocent and shouldn’t be harmed, but the Shadow Thieves and most of the rest of the council were in Adokus Chandler’s pocket. Grom asked if she could give them any guidance. She offers to draw the Death Gaters a map of the sewers and reprimands the Warlord when he asks if it’s reliable? She also marked on the map where Adokus had hidden a cache of magical items… anything she can do to hit him in the pockets. She then leaves, promising to send someone to help us move our friend safely out of the city for when we have to make our escape.

In the interim time, Zed and Gromel studied the map, while Vistra prepared her stuff, and Kuri meditated. At 9 bells, a couple of plain men showed up and they started setting up a crate around the unconscious Shifter. Kuri scanned their minds to find out that they were sent by Draga. They crated up the kitty and loaded her into a wagon full of other crates. The group then headed back upstairs to shove pillows under blankets and Kuri suggested the sewer entrance behind the inn. Zed scoped it out, and found that the entrance was about a half block away, between some tall buildings. The group snuck down into the ally, and used the cover of a cloud of darkness to quietly make it down into the darkness. The rogue was just about to ask the others to let his Darkvision kick in when the Warlord drew his sunblade, blinding him.

The Scout took point, staying just outside the light of the sword. He followed the map leading them through the labyrinth while Kuri used her telepathy to keep silent contact between the members of the whole group. As they crawled through the sewers, the Drow heard something large skittering across a perpendicular tunnel ahead. He warned the rest of the group to douse the light and to be quiet. He felt a strange tingling sensation as Kuri dug stealth techniques out of his memories to use. Luckily, the group had had enough time to prepare, so the large creatures luckily passed them by without noticing them. A little further on Gromel heard something skittering behind them and he whipped around, igniting his sunblade only to find a small rat wiggling its nose at him.

Zed leds then further from the Dwarven sections into the human sections just below the grate leading into the Town Hall dungeons. While he waited for the group to catch up, since they were walking slowly to stay quiet, he climbed the ladder and checked out the inside of the Dungeon. He found only one guard in the room, but since he was a Town Guard, and they’d agreed not to kill them, he blunted one of his quarrels and using a very precise shot, knocked out the guard. Just as he was descending the ladder to meet the others, he heard another guard coming down the stairs. He blunted another bolt and took down that one as well.

Vistra joined him on the ladder and they discovered that the grate was mortared in place, so the Dwarf took out some tools and quickly loosened the grating, just as the rest of the group arrived. Quietly, the whole group made their wait up and into the dungeon. While the rogue tied up the unconscious guards, Kuri located Tha’Ahel in a sealed room. Grom wanted to rip the door off its hinges, but Zed reminded him that they were trying to be quiet and picked the lock instead. Tha’Ahel was grateful to be rescued, but the Death Gate felt sheepish to admit that Petril had his gear, and they didn’t know where Petril had gone in an effort to find the Avenger. While the Dhampire was getting outfitted with leftover weapons and armor they’d looted, Zed curiously checked out another locked and trapped door, which seemed to describe the cache of loot that Draga had described to them. With little effort, the lock was disarmed and picked. Inside they found two chests with magical boots and a magical helm in them. The group took them, and then headed back down into the sewers to escape the city.

Knowing that the map wouldn’t help them any further, Zed let the Dwarf take the lead, trusting that her innate abilities would lead them truer. With only a few wrong turns that led to collapsed tunnels that she couldn’t have foreseen, the group found themselves at the farthest north grate, which let out next to the north wall, just west of the hideout for the Order of Erathis. The gate out of the city was a little to the northwest of their location, but as they were climbing out of the sewers, alarms started claxoning throughout the city.

The group threw caution to the wind, preferring haste, hoping to capitalize on the chaos still reining in the city. They could see a group of guards posted at the city gate. As Kuri scanned the minds of the guards to find where the mechanism was for the portcullis, she felt a very chaotic mind that she couldn’t read. She also got the impression that the guards were waiting for them… which was odd. As the group neared the gate, the Drow dropped a cloud of darkness around the guards in front of the gate, while Kuri veered to the side tower to handle the gate mechanism. At that same moment, Adokus stepped out onto the parapet of the guard tower and pulled out a wand pointing it at the Death Gate group. Their bodies already in motion, the group knew that they had no way of avoiding such a blast. Suddenly, Petril popped out of invisibility, screaming “NO!” and knocked Adokus’s wand arm aside. The fireball went off, immolating a building behind the mercenary group. Then, all hell broke loose.



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