Raven Grimwulf

Powerful Being from another World, come to Faerun to takeover.


When Xhyonnitora went mad from losing the Hand and Eye of Vecna, he turned to other sources of power to regain what he had lost. He made a Star Pact and found the essence of Raven Grimwulf, an evil for another world. He consumed his world and then his power began to spread to other worlds. He agreed to help the Shadar-kai and set up the means of his entrance into this world.


Meta-Game Info:

Raven Grimwulf was born into the world about 20 years before the great burning of Rome. He was part of a group of adventurers made up of a Japanese Samurai Warrior named, a Necromancer named , and a hafling Kender named Tivoleur.

As they adventured on, it became obvious that Raven was a werewolf with the ability to shapechange. It was uncontrolled at first, but as time went on, he gained control of his transformations. He also found a way to cover his body in magical tattoos which would augment his power.

When the opportunity preesnted itself, Raven pretended to save the life of the Samurai, thus the warrior owed him a life debt. To begin paying this debt, he gave Raven four elemental stones which he’d acquired during their journeys. These elemental stones were the ones found by the Death Gate group in Faerun.

All during his rise to power, nothing seemed to be able to stand in his way except for the Kender. At every turn, this hafling undermined Raven’s attempts at power, all in curious innocense. Whenever he’d gain a foothold to overpower his group, Tivo would somehow stop him. If he’d discover an item that would grant him greater power, the Kender would acquire it before him and then it would disappear into one of his many pouches, never to be seen again. Raven made numerous attempts to kill Tivo, but the Kender continued to grow in strength to match Raven’s.

Since Raven somehow conquored his world, many wonder what happened to the Kender, who had been a godsend to keep the dark fighter under control?

Raven Grimwulf

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