Avenger of the Raven Queen and Erathis


Tha’ahel’s parents were Elven diplomats, travelling around Erlkazar. They were ambushed and slaughtered by the Vampires. His father died, but his mother was turned out of cruelty… and she was with child. She eventually made her way up to Impiltur, North of the Sea of Fallen Stars to place her newly born child in the care of a monastic order there. The next day, she watched her last sun rise and was burned to ashes. In elven, his name means “True Sadness/Sorrow”, which describes his birth and existence very well.

Tha’ahel is therefore a Dhampire Elf who serves the Special Order of Erathis. Whereas this order usually fights the demons found in and around Impiltur, Tha’ahel and Petril are part of group which were sent to Riatavin to fight the Night Barony, due to Tha’Ahel’s special talents and need for revenge.



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