Disguised as Master Teranor, while actually the head of a Shadar-kai clan


In his youth, this Shadar-Kai had pledged his loyalties to the god Vecna and later had acquired both the hand and eye of Vecna making him a force to be reckoned with. When these artifacts chose to move on, Xhyonnitora was killed, but resurrected by loyal followers.

With the loss of the artifacts of power, Xhynnoritora could never again feel whole. He became hell-bent on revenge against Vecna and began searching other means to exact this revenge. During his studies he sought out other evil deities to help him, but none of them wanted to cross paths with Vecna. He became a Star Pact Warlock and contacted a strong being across the Cosmos known as Raven Grimwulf. Raven lent him power, all the while getting the Shadar-kai to locate the White and Black stones, keys that would release Raven from his prison.

The 4 elemental stones, parts of the White Stone were located and stolen from the Ruins of Fastormel and then he orchestrated the taking of the Wizard’s Tower in Harkenvold hoping to use the PC’s to defeat the guardians of the Black Stone so he could then use the Black and White stones to release and control Raven… which turned against him. Once Raven was freed, he turned on his servant and killed him.



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