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  • Escaping Riatavin

    6/15-21/1499 DR h3. TREASURE |_.ITEM||_.RECIPIENT||_.LOCATION FOUND||_.NOTES| |||||||| [[Food Chart | FOOD = Kannarrs, DRINKS = Travis]] After [[:petril-silvershaper | Petril]] made [[:adokus-chandler | Adokus Chandler's]] shot go wild, …

  • To Find a Prism Lily

    6/21-22/1499 DR h3. TREASURE |_.ITEM||_.RECIPIENT||_.LOCATION FOUND||_.NOTES| |||||||| [[Food Chart | FOOD = Gee, DRINKS = Kannarrs]] p=.

    Dragon Coast

    The Dragon Coast is a collection of independent citystates along the southwest coast of the Sea of Fallen Stars, ranging from Proskur in the west to …

  • Giant's Run Mountains

    The high places in these mountains are hollowed to admit the towering forms of their residents. The peaks are carved in great steps suitable only for massive treads. The giants have answered to the same monarch for the last fifteen hundred years: Dodkong, …

  • Shadow House

    Unknown location of the [[:hermit | Hermit]], the person Death Gate is seeking to save their friend, [[:shaika | Shaika Flamerune]].