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White Talon Outtakes and laughs

Nim and Brogan wandered into Teldorthan’s Arms in Fallcrest to get
some of their armor repaired. Much to his shock, the young Eladrin
found a beardless dwarf pumping the bellows for Teldorthan, the
Dwarven armorer. Agape, he turned to his companion.

“Hey Brogan, I thought beards were a point of pride for all dwarves,
what’s up with that guy over there?”

Brogan stared at his tall elfish friend in shock. “Me boyo, tha’
thar’s Teldorthan’s wife. She be helpin’ him out in tha forge today.”

Richard as Nim, did a double take thinking to himself that all dwarves
had beards, even the women. Quickly he transformed into his D&D 3.5
character, Sammaël, and returned to the Frothy Beard tavern in
Melvaunt. Sam pushed open the door and walked into the small
establishment. The Dwarven tavern-keep behind the bar smiled as she
recognized the Tiefling, tugging on her beard slightly.

“Are’n ye back to smell me beard?”

Sammaël recoiled in shock and Richard transformed back into his D&D 4e
character Nim, standing beside Brogan.

“For some reason I could have sworn that even Dwarven women had
beards,” his voice trailed off as he shook his head.

“Nae, yer thoughts ’r beyond me ken, mage. Nae Dwarven male wud marry
one hairier tha’ hisself. These be progressive times.” Stephan
playing Brogan winked at Richard.


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