Formerly a strong, prosperous, and peaceful kingdom, Impiltur is a realm in decline. Travel between the cities is dangerous, and plaguechanged monsters haunt the countryside. Demons bound long ago were freed when Mystra’s Weave failed, and many yet roam the landscape.

Impiltur Lore: A character knows the following information with a successful skill check.

History DC 15: With the retreat of the Sea of Fallen Stars, several Impilturan cities lost access to their ports for a time, and trade through the area declined precipitously. Sarshel managed to keep ahead of the retreating beaches better than some of the larger cities, gaining a fair bit of the commerce that finally returned to the region. Today, the city is called New Sarshel.

Streetwise DC 15: Impiltur’s royal line failed with the death of King Imbrar II during the Year of Blue Fire. The country is now ruled by a ragged Grand Council composed of lords from the remaining cities. People talk longingly of restoring a monarchy to the land—”The king will come and put things right, you’ll see”—but for now everything keeps getting worse.

Impiltur is currently in the grip of a fanatical cult of demon-worshipers, who cause no end of trouble. The Grand Council’s efforts to locate the cult’s leaders and combat its depredations have proven woefully inadequate to date.


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