Ruins of Fastormel

These ruins had once been created to protect and hide the 4 elemental stones which had once been the White Stone, half of the key which kept Raven Grimwulf trapped in his prison.

During the Spellplague, the magical barriers were destroyed and the fortress with it. But even before that time, the legend of the stones had been long forgotten.

When the Shadar-Kai,Xhyonnitora, learned of these stones, they beat the Death Gate Guild to collect them, and then took them to the Wizard’s Tower in Harkenvold. Xhynnitora thought to use the PC’s to kill the guardians of the twin Black Stone beneath the tower and then he could use the Black and White stones to release and control Raven Grimwulf.

Little did he know that 4 elemental stones would form on their own into the White Stone, and automatically combine with the Black Stone, playing right into Raven’s hands and releasing him from his years of exile.

Ruins of Fastormel

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