Death Gate

Castle Serastis

6/22/1499 DR


Shadow Dancer’s Mask Zed Landing in Tower of the Way On body of Yuan-ti

FOOD = Travis, DRINKS = Gees

Zed’rath kept his hands away from his weapons as he approached the old lady and apologized for his rude companions. He explained that they would really appreciate any insight and help she could offer them. Something about the Drow’s comportment softened her up and she told him that this was known as Castle Serastis, a lair for Yuan-Ti, serpents, and other humanoids. She told them that the reason she was giving them such a slim chance of success because in the last few months there had been an increase in the number of serpents inhabiting the castle. She warned that through the upper story she had heard horrible noises from some unknown creature, but through the front doors she had seen a large undead beastie as well. The rogue asked if she could tell them anything about the inside of the castle, but she admitted that those who went inside were usually too weak to work the fields and they never came back out. She admitted that she might be a foolish old lady, but she said that if the group ever needed a place to rest, they would shelter them.

When Zed returned and explained things to the group, they all felt that going through the front door would be suicide, so the Drow threw a grappling hook up to the upper window and stealthily climbed up so scout the way. Gromel borrowed Vistra’s climbing kit and went next. He did great until he climbed over the ledge and stood up… and then made enough noise to alert everyone inside the castle. Vistra came next, followed by Kuri (who borrowed Zed’s athletics knowledge from his head), and then Petril tied the rope around his waist and allowed the Warforged to pull him up. By that time, Zed could tell that monsters were coming and used guild sign to warn the group as sail snakes and a hellhound bounded up the tower to attack them. With some effort, they killed the poison spewing flying serpents and continued down the stairs to delve further into the tower.

On the next landing down, Zed scouts down the stairs to check out the magical portal. As he sneaks down, it occurred to him the growl that he’d heard while Grom was climbing into the tower was not made by any of the creatures that they’d just killed. Just as he realized that, he heard a deep intake of breath behind him and as he turned he was blasted by lightning from a young bronze dragon, and a female Yuan-Ti, Issiel. The Drow tried parlaying with the lizard-woman, but she wouldn’t tell them anything about the Prism Lily. The dragon, Snapwing, takes on the majority of the party while the Yuan-ti faced off with the rogue. As the Drow got the upper hand, the Yaun-ti turned to run and was shot in the back of the head. Vistra considered jumping onto the back of the dragon, but the healers talked her out of it… and she almost lost her axe as she failed her attack. The Death Gate was grateful that she hadn’t followed Zed’s encouragement of “no guts, no glory.” As it was getting close to death, Snapwing began ripping apart the meat shields. She revenges herself and deals the final blow, and she keeps punching it even when it’s dead. The group dissected the dragon for body parts, while Zed searched Issiel, finding a mask and two keys.

As they were fighting the dragon, Vistra began considering all that they could do with a “dead dragon.”

Vistra’s blow was so epic that time slowed down so everyone could appreciate it!

Even though the dragon was dead, Vistra’s blows were already in motion and she kept beating a “dead dragon.”

Upon further inspection Zed realized that the lower landing is surrounded by 7 portals. He used guild sign to let the group know that there was no else down below.

Instead of going on further, the group decided to return to the fields to rest. The old lady agreed to hide them.

The next morning, when they returned to the Tower of the Way, they found that their rope was missing, so they used another to climb back up. The bodies were missing but the tower was otherwise empty. The group decided to try the first portal they came to, holding hands and going through together. As they walked through the portal together, they actually ran into it because the magic was locked. Kuri decided to use magic to check out the other portals and found that only 5 out of the 7 were attuned to other places. She also found that the gems around the portals had to be pushed in a particular order to activate them. As they continued down the landing they found doors at the bottom, in what looks like a Briefing Chamber. The rogue sneaks down and using one of the keys to open the left of the double doors. The Bedroom is very luxurious, with a four-poster bed and a strange nest made up of mud and bones. Zed then opens the right double doors and finds a room filled with cartographers tools, with a marble basin under the table and a mirror bolted to the wall. Grom searched wardrobe, while the rest of the group searched the Map Room. Kuri finds random maps that she rolls up and hands to the Scout. He doesn’t recognize much except for a map of the Underdark city of Pedestal. Kuri recognizes the map of Kingsholm.

Zed sneaks up to the double door on the opposite side of the room and heard shifting on the other side of the door. He silently opened the door and found two lizard-man guards standing just inside. Beyond them, he could see a pool beyond with what looked like piles of diamonds around it. The room was filled with light and then Zed realized that they weren’t diamonds, but tons of Prism Lillies.



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